Venture Capital

An innovative approach to Venture Capitalist funding that puts the community at the heart of what it does.

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Our Mission

To use technology to solve the world’s modern day challenges....

Business Challenges

The Community

Think of it like a modern day Co-Operative across the world.



The D-Central Team take Ethical, Environmental, Social and Governance Issues to its very core of beliefs and apply these beliefs to every investment and funding decision it makes.


D-Central Capital operates a new and innovative approach to venture funding that puts the digital community at the heart of what it does. Our tokenized fund will decentralise and redistribute profits to smaller investors and those who have the skills and knowledge within the digital community.

D-Central Capital will combine the depth and diversity of its founding members experience with that of its Community to bring ideas to life and grow emerging companies to realise their full market potential. The founding members specialise in business transformation enabled through technology and have decades of experience taking smaller companies to market and helping them grow. The Founders are backed by advisors form the traditional Venture capital world to ensure that we return and profit for our investors and that risk is managed appropriately.

There is a widespread belief amongst policymakers across the world that social entrepreneurs can tackle some of the pressing problems we face – if only they could get them operating at scale. Through a diversified portfolio underpinned by Decision Analysis and a dedicated Incubator and Accelerator Programme, based on its Portfolio Operator Strategy, that is precisely what D-Central Capital strive to do.


Our JST1 Token

The JST1 token will be based on the decentralised Ethereum market standard smart contract ERC20 token. The Pre-ICO will be based on the Waves platform.


Industry Standard

All transactions are based on the industry standard Ethereum blockchain providing compatibility with the major exchanges.

Smart Contracts

Get Involved

Our community help choose which companies get invested in.


Latest Technology

Our fund aims to primarily invest in companies focussed on the latest technologies aiming to make the world a better place.

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